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Update for Meredith

Good Afternoon Beloved,

I have good news regarding Meredith’s first procedure today. The cath lab staff successfully got pictures and measurements of everything they needed AND successfully opened up her Atrial Septum. There was great concern that she would not survive this procedure, but God is good!!!!
By opening the atrial septum gradually, the hope is that the blood pressures in the small left chamber (which are EXTREMELY HIGH) will drop gradually and the hole in the wall of the left chamber feeding the fistula and causing the reverse flow of the coronary arteries will subside and the heart will begin to regenerate and repair itself gradually.
The procedure wasn’t without complications, but Meredith is back in ICU and stabilizing.
We will now be able to move forward with further plans for a hybrid procedure.
We are very happy right now!!!!

In His Grace,

Mark J. Elkins
Grace Baptist Church, Pastor
Cell: 276-229-5719

Prayer Update for Meredith

Good Afternoon Beloved,

Chris, Kristen, and Meredith flew up to Boston last night and have already begun the process of evaluating her for surgery.
Meredith’s color looks good and she is doing very well.
They have completed the initial echos and x-rays, and the surgeons have consulted with Chris and Kristen.
She is going to the Cath lab later today for a better understanding of how her arteries are routed and a better look at the fistula from the left chamber.
After that, the doctors will begin discussing with Chris and Kristen their surgical options.
So far, the surgeons are hopeful that they can be successful, but it is still a 50% chance.
The surgery will probably take place tomorrow or Friday, so please continue to pray for Meredith and the family.
If all goes according to plan, they will be in Boston for a minimum of two weeks.

Which is why, in addition to prayer, I also want to make you aware of two opportunities to help Chris and Kristen with the medical bills and travel expenses that are accumulating from Meredith’s care.
1. If you wish to give to Grace’s Benevolence Fund in honor of Meredith, please know that it is our intention to continue to assist the family as the Lord leads. If you wish to make your donation tax deductible, please follow these directions:
a. Make your check payable to Grace Baptist Church
b. In the Memo write “Benevolence Fund” (do not write anyone’s name or anything else, because this is against IRS regulations)
c. You may include a note with your check that gives your “suggestion” as to where/how you would like the church to invest your donation


2. A friend of the family has also set up a web-based giving opportunity that you can follow this link to: http://www.gofundme.com/evhqqs
a. I have done some brief research on the website and they seem legitimate, but they do need to charge a couple of fees for the service that will total around 8% of your donation.

Thank you again for your prayers and support and know that God is well pleased with your faithfulness!!!
In His Grace,

Mark J. Elkins
Grace Baptist Church, Pastor
Direct: 276-229-0852
Cell: 276-229-5719
Office: 276-694-5211
14087 JEB Stuart Hwy
Stuart, VA 24171
Meredith with Mom & Dad Meredith with the Doctors

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