Grace Baptist Church Indoor Worship Service

After many months of prayer and following continuing developments, we have developed these initial plans for our return to Indoor Worship Services. Please read the plan carefully and completely. Although we know that not everyone will like all of the plan, please consider both our most high risk members and the unity of our church, as we move forward into this unchartered territory.

    • We will begin with two (2) Worship Services every Sunday: 9:00am & 11:00am.
    • Both services will be identical in music, message, and length.
    • Based on your survey responses, we believe that the 9:00am service will see the lightest attendance, so we ask that those who are at higher risk (age, underlying medical conditions, and at risk family at home), please try to attend the 9:00am service, if possible.
    • The church doors will open at 8:40am for the early service and 10:40am for the later service to allow for time to properly sanitize the church.
    • The 11:00am service will continue to be Live-Streamed on Facebook for those who feel safer worshiping from home.
    • Both services will still be broadcast on our FM Transmitter, and there will be special designated parking on the side of the church for those who feel safer worshiping from their cars.


    • To maximize safety, our target for each service will be 75 people.
    • In order to reach our target, we need everyone who will be attending church, to each week make a reservation for their family for the service they wish to attend.
      • Please let us know how many people from your family will be attending, so we may arrange chairs for proper social distancing.
    • We recommend that you make your reservations through an online system called Eventbrite:
      • There is no cost and it is relatively easy to use.
    • If you are unable to use that system you may also call or email the church office with your family’s reservation:
    • When the reservations are full for one (1) of the services, we ask you to make a reservation for the other service time.


    • For our initial startup we will only be having Children’s Church for the 11:00am service.
    • Also during our initial startup we will NOT be offering a Nursery, but we will have several overflow rooms available with live-streaming of the service if a parent feels they need to take their child out of the sanctuary.
      • If you are not a high-risk individual and you feel led to serve in our Children’s Ministries, please contact Nandrea Groves:


    • If you or anyone in your family has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last two (2) weeks or is showing any of its common symptoms, we ask you to please worship from home or your car.
      • Common COVID-19 Symptoms: Fever or chills, persistent cough or shortness of breath, vomiting or diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, muscle or body aches.
    • We encourage everyone to wear a facemask for the safety of others, but we are asking you to please self-enforce for the sake of others.
    • Hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the church.
    • We will prearrange chairs in the sanctuary for each service to promote social distancing, especially because we will be singing, which experts tell us is a prime cause of spreading the virus.
    • All volunteers will wear facemasks and will have their temperature screened every Sunday morning.
    • We will be using one (1) entrance for the church under the portico and one (1) exit, the double doors in the sanctuary.
    • We will continue to use the prepackaged Lord’s Supper cups on the first Sunday of each month.
    • Instead of passing the collection plate, we will place a collection box at both the entrance and the exit of the sanctuary.
    • Between services all common surfaces will be wiped down by a Cleaning Team.
    • We will also continue to have a Bathroom Attendant at each service .
      • If you feel led to serve in either or both of these vital areas, please contact Pastor Mark at your earliest convenience:
      • Doors will be propped open to both reduce the need to touch doorhandles and to promote the flow of fresh air within the church.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support as God teaches us to THRIVE!
In His Grace and Mercy,
Pastor Mark Elkins