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Sunday School Canceled, but Full Church Service at 11:00AM!!!

Sunday School Canceled, but Full Church Service at 11:00AM!!!

Beloved, it looks like the majority of this storm is going to be south and east of us so we will be having a FULL Sunday Service at 11:00AM, but for precaution, we have CANCELED Sunday School for today.

We can’t wait to worship with you again this morning!!!!
In His Grace,

All Wednesday Evening Church Activities Canceled

Good Afternoon Beloved,

Since, the weather report is certain that snow is coming, but is uncertain exactly when it is going to start, we have decided to err on the side of caution and CANCEL all church activities for tonight, Wednesday February 25th (i.e. NO Awana, Fellowship Meal, Bible Study, Bells, Choir, and the Youth Worship Team).

I know that God is sovereign in everything, even the weather, but I must admit, I’m getting a little frustrated with winter always rearing its head when we are trying to meet together for worship. The good news is that the forecast is improving for this Sunday, so we should be able to gather again soon to worship our risen Lord!!!

Until then, stay safe and warm…
In His Grace,

Grace Baptist Church, Pastor
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