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Sundays Coming!!!

As you go through your day prayerfully remembering the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…never forget, that it is only Friday…and that Sunday is Coming!!!!

Prayer Requests & Pics & Church Schedule Updates!!!

Prayer Requests & Pics:

Please continue to pray for Greg Carlson who is serving our Lord on a Medical Missions Team in Ukraine with Global Heath Outreach (GHO). Here is a link to a prayer page we have on our website, which also contains updates from the field and numerous pictures: https://www.hisgraceforyou.org/greg-carlson-ukraine-mission-trip-blog/

Praise God for providing all the laborers who worked so hard preparing the church for Easter and our children’s Easter Egg Hunt. Here is another link to a gallery of pictures from our Easter Clean-up Day: https://www.hisgraceforyou.org/pics-3-28-15-spring-cleaning-day/

Praise God for His Grace & Mercy on Linda Daumen’s little nephew, Noah McCurdy, who is a 15 month old Down’s Syndrome baby who has been suffering from a serious bout of pneumonia, but who has recently returned home from the hospital and is doing better.

And also, please praise God for the nice weather and all the wonderful families and children that He drew for our Easter Egg Hunt. This is another link to a gallery of pictures showing all the fun that was had: https://www.hisgraceforyou.org/pics-3-29-15-easter-egg-hunt/
Church Schedule Updates:
Maundy Thursday:
Tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7pm we will be having a special service to remember Jesus’ last night with His disciples and the institution of the Lord’s Supper. It will be an evening of reflection with candlelight, a loaf bread communion, singing, prayer, and a special message (child care will be provided).

Easter Sunday:
At 7:00am we will have a Sunrise Easter Service (rain or shine and no child care provided).

There will be no Sunday School on Easter.

At 11:00am we will have a special Easter Service including: Prayer, Hymns, Praise Songs, an Anthem, our Children’s Choir, our Youth Worship Team and a special Easter message (Nursery will be provided).

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