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“Attitude of Gratitude” Women’s Retreat

We are pleased to announce GBC will be hosting a Women’s Retreat on November 14th from 10am-2pm. Our theme is having an “Attitude of Gratitude,” and our speaker will be Deborah Martin, Director of Women’s Mentoring at Shepherd’s Theological Seminary. You can contact Karen Walker or Nandrea Groves with any questions. Please, sign up in the hallway if you are planning to attend. This wonderful event is open to the whole community, so let’s spread the word! Click HERE to learn more!

God’s Chisel

Fall Back an Hour this Sunday!!!

Don’t forget that this Saturday night is Daylight Savings Time again….and this time we get to Fall Back…so set your clocks back an hour and enjoy the extra sleep!!!

Trunk & Treat!!!

Also don’t forget that this Saturday night is our Trunk & Treat, up at the church. We had over 180 kids last year climb our mountain to get a little bit of special Grace Baptist Love (and candy too). So if you can, please come out and enjoy the fun by handing out candy and sharing Christ’s love with our community. Pam is preparing a warm meal at 5:00pm in the Fellowship Hall for all the volunteers and the rest of the fun will begin around 6:00pm.
God’s Chisel Video

Several people have asked me for a link to the God’s Chisel Video that we watched last week during the service, so here you go:
Gospel of John Begins this Sunday

And finally, remember that we are beginning our review of the Gospel of John this Sunday. So, pray that God uses His inspired Word to do a mighty work in our midst…and invite a friend to share in the blessing!!!

Thank you and God Bless,
Pastor Mark

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