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Sanctity of Life Sunday

Sanctity of Life Sunday is Next Week, January 17th. We will be having a special presentation during the Sunday School hour by a couple who has spent many years on the front lines of the Pro-Life Movement. So please come and invite others to join us for this special blessing. We will also begin our annual “Baby Bottle Boomerang” that day. Together, we will pray, raise awareness, and raise funds for the Pregnancy Care Center of Martinsville.

Pastor’s Notes – Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that this is already the fourth New Year that my family has shared with Grace Baptist Church. Each one has been a time of remembering what God has already done combined with the excitement over what He still has in store for us. And this last New Year’s has been no different. God has already done so much here at Grace and we have so much to remember and memorialize (see last month’s Grace Notes for a short list.)
When God first called us to Grace, I told you that I believe we are on a “ten year journey” together. A journey that will see the first generation of believers, who stepped out in faith and founded this new assembly of called out ones, pass the baton to the next generation. And, it may be time for us to take our next step of faith…because now God is opening our family up to a new generation of believers!
This next generation will bring new gifts and new life to His church. Some will come from churches that have lost the Light and others will be stepping into the Light for the first time. There is nothing wrong with a strong Bible believing church attracting saints who are looking for a good church. But, one of the best signs of a healthy church is when it has new adult conversions. Souls who were lost and blind in the darkness, but who now are found and can see in the Light. It is often these new believers, who have just tasted the sweetness of God’s grace, that become the future leaders, servers, and evangelists in a church.
But, these new believers of the next generation do not grow on trees or fall from the sky. They have been taken captive by the lies of this world and its evil prince. It is our mission, as Christ’s church, to continue His mission of seeking and saving the lost. And that, Beloved, is the task before us in 2016. I believe we are ready to step down off our mountain and engage the lost community that God has sovereignly placed us in.
Over the next several weeks and months we will be talking about ways in which God is calling us to engage our community for Christ. For now, remember and memorialize all that God has done for us thus far. Set up an Ebenezer in your heart and beseech the Lord to set up an Ebenezer in our church that will remind all who see it what God has done and is doing here on top of His mountain.
Happy New Year, Beloved, and God Bless!!

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