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Wed Fellowship Meal         5:15pm
Wed Night Bible Study       6:00pm
Wednesday Choir Practice 7:15pm
Grace Baptist Church
14087 JEB Stuart HWY
Stuart, VA 24171
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September Pastor’s Notes

    Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, and the choir is back.  It’s also time for a new Wednesday Evening Small Group Study.  We are going to kick off with the study of a really thought provoking book, entitled “Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong,” by John MacArthur.

     The book begins with a bold observation:  “It is common in the evangelical church today for people to verbally acknowledge that the Bible, as God’s Word, is the final authority for both what they believe and how they live.  Yet in reality, a clear connection between that public confession and personal conduct is rare.”  It then goes on to prove that the Bible, a book finished nearly 2000 years ago, is the single greatest source of truth in the world, and that it still speaks truth into the situations and problems we face in our modern world today. 

     The book is broken into four major sections:  Entertainment & Leisure, Morality & Ethics, Politics & Activism, and Tragedy & Suffering.  Within each section is a series of essays/chapters (20 in all) that deal with a wide variety of relevant topics including: “Christian Liberty and the World of Entertainment,” “Issues Related to Divorce and Remarriage,” “Euthanasia, Suicide, and Capital Punishment,” “Racism and Reconciliation in Church and Culture, “Illegal Immigration and Border Control,” and “Responding Rightly to Personal Hardship and Trials”.  I believe that you will find this book to be an invaluable resource for the issues we face today.

     So, please join our new study, beginning Wednesday night, September 14th at 6:15pm.  The books have been graciously provided by the providence of God and the faithfulness of His children at Grace Baptist, so all you need to bring is a Bible and lots of questions.  Also, this study is open to everyone, so please invite your friends and neighbors. 

Urgent Prayer Request

Good Afternoon Beloved,

Please be in prayer for the Reynolds and Pierson family as they mourn the loss of Paula’s Dad, our brother in Christ Burton Pierson, earlier today.

His funeral will be in West Virginia early next week, but you can pay your respects at Moody’s Funeral Home tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd from 11:00am to 5:00pm.
The family will not be present at Moody’s, but there will be a guest book and they are accepting calls and guests at the Reynolds home.

Also, please continue to pray for our sister Janet Ferraro, her family, and Mike Craig as they continue to mourn the loss of her Mom, Carmella Ferraro, early Tuesday morning.

In the Precious and Powerful Name of Jesus Christ our Lord,

Pastor Mark

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