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August Pastor’s Notes: Deacon Nomination Month

Last week, with the passing of James Shelor, another of our church’s “Lions of the Faith” went home to receive his reward from His Savior.  And as I reflect on the void his homecoming has left, I am reminded of the reality that as a church we are on a very important journey.  When God called me to Grace, the first thing I observed was that this church was a strong family of God.  The second thing I observed was that it was also a church in transition. 
Over the last four years, in both conversations and in sermons, I have described our transition as a ten-year journey.  The first faithful souls that stepped out, on the belief that God’s Word is the final authority for the Christian life and the life of the church, have served Christ well in laying the foundations for Grace Baptist Church.  Next month, we enter the 5th year of this journey, and we will continue to build on the original, strong foundation. 

During this month, an important part of that building process occurs, because we will be asked to nominate men that we believe are called and biblically qualified to serve in a leadership position in Christ’s church as Deacons.  I ask you to pray and seriously consider what the Bible has to say about who should fill these important roles, especially what God reveals in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 & Titus 1:5-9.  Also, ask yourself important questions that reflect these biblical principles, like:

  • Are they faithful attenders?
  • Are they engaged in regular Bible Studies?
  • Are they already leading and participating in various ministries of the church?
  • Are they men you would go to for spiritual counsel?
  • Are they men who can rightly handle the Word of God?

These and other important spiritual questions are the keys to recognizing the men that God has taught us should help lead His church, as we continue on this exciting journey together.

In His Grace,

Pastor Mark

This Sunday! Water Bottle Labeling Party!

Please join us this Sunday for a Water Bottle Labeling Party in preparation for the Annual Virginia Peach Festival! It is a very simple, yet very necessary task, and we need YOU! We will meet in the Fellowship after Church Service. It won’t take very long at all, and your help is most appreciated!!!
While you’re here…
The Annual Virginia Peach Festival is on Friday, August 19th. You can be sure that Grace Baptist will be out there with a booth, passing out free waters to thirsty festival-goers. If you would like to join us with a friendly smile at our GBC booth, there is a sign-up sheet in the hallway outside the sanctuary.

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