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February Grace Notes

During Jesus’ last night with His disciples, He declared, “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13). As we begin our Baby Bottle Boomerang to support the Pregnancy Care Center in Martinsville, I am reminded of Jesus’ declaration and of His gracious personal sacrifice for us mere sinners and the least of these. I personally believe that there is no greater scourge on this nation than that of legalized abortion and history will judge our love by what we were willing to lay down in order to save the least of these.
This spiritual battle is the tip of the spear for the American church today, in the same way that eradicating idolatry (especially worship of Molech) was for the nation of Israel over three thousand years ago. For them, the continuous cycle of “good king” then “bad king” could not remove their scourge from the land. The only thing that finally worked was for God to judge them, destroy their nation, and send them into captivity in Babylon for seventy years.

As a nation we have the unique privilege of voting for new leaders on a regular basis and this year is a very important election. Our future leaders will not only shape the laws and their enforcement, they will also most likely have the opportunity to appoint several new Supreme Court Justices. This is extremely important because we currently have a divided 5-4 court on many foundational issues to our nation, but none more important than the Sanctity of Human Life.
Since a previous court’s Roe vs. Wade decision legalized abortion, our nation has murdered over fifty eight million (58,000,000) children! As followers of the God-man Jesus the Christ, who laid down His life for the least of these, I urge all of us to be engaged in this spiritual war to eradicate this modern day scourge from our land! We can all do something:
• …we can pray every day for the unborn and their parents
• … we can collect our coins and dollars for those on the front lines…
• …and we can make sure that we vote for candidates who have always been and will likely always be “Pro-Life”

Beloved, I pray that our generation will be the one to experience the end of this holocaust and that God will not need to judge our nation and send us into exile to accomplish it. But whatever it takes, I pray that He will do it soon!
In the precious and powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord,
Pastor Mark

All Church Activities are ON for Tonight!!!!

Beloved, it has been way too long since we have been able to worship together, and I’m glad to announce that God has sent enough warm temperatures and sunshine that we are going to be able to have all of our usual Wednesday Evening Church Activities tonight.  These include our Fellowship Meal, AWANA Ministry, Bells Practice, Truth Project Bible Study, “AWANA Momas”, and Choir Practice.
If you don’t feel safe coming out tonight, don’t feel compelled to…we will just see you Sunday.
In the powerful & precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord,
Pastor Mark

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