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What Does Jesus Want From His Church In This Election?

Beloved, tomorrow our nation will be asked to choose who will be our president for the next four years and I thought it might be helpful to consider What Does Jesus Want From His Church In This Election. Our Sovereign Lord is both intimately concerned and involved in all things that occur in His creation, which also means the selection of our next president. Paul highlighted this truth in his letter to the church in Rome, which was at that time under the leadership of Emperor Nero: “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” (Romans 13:1).

Since we know that Nero persecuted Christians and probably ordered the death of Paul, who penned this very truth, we know that not every person God allows to lead a nation is “God’s” person. In our nation’s brief history this truth may never have been more on display than this year. That is because neither of the two main presidential candidates has really made a believable argument that they will preserve a society that both values life and makes spreading the Gospel possible. Therefore, many very strong Christians find themselves deeply divided leading up to tomorrow’s election.

So, what does Jesus want from His Church in the election? He wants us to be salt & light to our culture, while simultaneously loving one another, forgiving each other, and preserving the unity of His Church. Jesus calls for Believers to be Salt & Light in a dark and decaying world, which I believe means that every Christian should endeavor to vote for our country’s leaders. So, if your conscience tells you to vote for a candidate that you believe gives the best chance of preserving a society that both values life and makes spreading the Gospel possible, then I believe the Scriptures are clear, God wants you to vote for them. And if your conscience tells you not to vote for either presidential candidate, then the Scriptures are also clear about that too, God does not want you to violate your conscience, so don’t vote for either candidate. But, as Salt & Light I believe you still need to vote for the candidates further down the ballot that you do believe will value life and preserve our ability to share the Gospel.

But, whatever you do and regardless of who wins tomorrow, remember this: long after the votes are counted, the confetti has been cleaned up, and the pundits have told us what we should think, Christ’s church will still be marching on and not even the gates of hell will overpower it! So, Wednesday morning, we must endeavor to love those who may not have agreed with our political views. We must strive to forgive those who may have sinned against us and confess to those we may have sinned against. And we must preserve the unity of the church that Christ bled and died for. To these goals I want to refer you to an excellent podcast I heard last week entitled, “Christian Unity and the 2016 Presidential Election”:

In His Grace,

Pastor Mark

Special Sunday Service!

Good Afternoon Beloved,

We have a special service planned for this Sunday because it is our Quarterly Potluck Fellowship Luncheon and Business Meeting. During the service, we will have the Puppets of Praise perform and a “Good Ol’ Gospel Sing-a-Long” where you can request your favorite hymn.

Please bring a dish to share for the Potluck Luncheon, which will begin directly following the service. Our Business Meeting will begin right after lunch.

In His Grace,
Pastor Mark

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