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Sunday Worship Service    11:00am
Wed Fellowship Meal         5:15pm
Wed Night Bible Study       6:00pm
Wednesday Choir Practice 7:15pm
Grace Baptist Church
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September Pastor’s Notes

Well, Beloved, our three year journey through the wonderful Gospel of John is over and we are going to spend the month of September looking at some of the most recognizable and cherished Psalms of the Old Testament.  These are passages that have touched the hearts of God’s children for not only centuries, but also millennia.  They speak to us in our greatest joys and our deepest sorrows, never failing to reveal the love of God for His own!

     We will start off with the 23rd Psalm and the nine blessings the Good Shepherd has for every one of His sheep.  Then we will explore God’s Glory in Psalm 19, His Salvation in Psalm 51, His Forgiveness in Psalm 32 and finally, His Faithfulness in Psalm 27.

     I urge you to not only come and be blessed by God’s timeless messages of His love, but also to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to drink from His fountain.
Pastor Mark Elkins

AWANA Kick-Off & New Online Registration!

Wednesday, September 5th, is our special AWANA Kick-Off Night. Each clubber will get to meet their AWANA leaders for the year and get a fun, brief taste of what the year will be like. Then we will end the night with an ICE-CREAM SOCIAL for the whole family!!!

We at Grace Baptist Church are very happy to begin a new year of AWANA for our 7th year. We would love for your family to come join in on the fun on Wednesday Nights! AWANA is a fun and interactive ministry that teaches kids the gospel and God’s Word in an exciting and enjoyable way. We meet every Wed at Grace Baptist Church at 6pm until 7:45pm.

**NEW! You can now pre-register your child online for the 2018-2019 year! Save time on Kick-Off night by registering today! Visit https://www.hisgraceforyou.org/awanaregistration/ to register online.***

Our newest AWANA Club, Puggles, introduces kids from the ages of 2 and 3 about God and His word. At Cubbies, we teach kids through the ages 4-5 about the Bible right to their level using fun and games. At Sparks, kids from grades K-2nd are introduced to memorizing Scripture and enjoying entertaining games together. We also have our T&T Club. T&T stands for “Truth and Training” and this club hosts students from grades 3rd-6th. It’s a very special club where the kids move forward with memorizing and learning scripture in addition to hanging out and competing in exciting games at recreation time. And last but not least is our newest club…TREK which is geared toward older students in the 7th and 8th grades.

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