Sunday Small Groups        9:45am
Sunday Worship Service    11:00am
Wed Fellowship Meal         5:15pm
Wed Night Bible Study       6:00pm
Wednesday Choir Practice 7:15pm


November 2018 Pastor’s Notes

     This Thanksgiving our church has so much to thank the Lord for!  Our children’s ministries have continued to grow in both number and Gospel effectiveness.  God brought a record number of souls to both our VBS and AWANA ministries this year.  We were also able to adjust our classrooms downstairs to allow us to increase the size of our nursery to accommodate all the new children and our new Puggles Ministry.  And, after a lot of planning and hard work, we were able to open our Children’s Ministry Room so teachers would have better access to the many teaching tools that God has provided for us, including our amazing Puppets and a new wall-mounted TV with DVD player.

     We are also very thankful to God for leading us to form seven new teams to clean the church, in addition to several teams to cut our grass.  And, since the switch to our new July to June fiscal year these savings combined with an increase in our weekly giving has created a marked decrease in our budget gap.  In fact, we have determined that if every family in the church increases their weekly giving by only $10.00, we should be able to completely close that gap!

     God has also blessed us with a number of new families that He has already begun to weave into the fabric of our Grace family.  This summer, He gave us four new professions of faith and two new baptisms.  And I’m happy to announce that we are going to have at least one more new Baptism on Sunday, November 18th.  We also had 13 new souls in our summer New Members/Grace Family Foundations Class and as of our Business Meeting last Sunday, we have two more individuals who want to take the class as soon as possible with the intention of joining the church.

Beloved, this Thanksgiving, we truly need to thank our Lord for the blessings and grace He has bestowed on our church this year!

Baptism Sunday

We will be having a special Baptism Service on November 18th!!! Our worship service will begin in the sanctuary at 11am. Please, be sure to join us as we celebrate together the new life these believers have through their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please contact Pastor Mark if you have any questions.

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