October Grace Notes

Well Beloved, Fall is in the air and it is already October!!!  This means that we have so many opportunities to glorify God at Grace this month, that it can actually be hard to keep track of them all:

  • Women’s Retreat—Oct. 6th
  • Apple Dumpling Outreach—Oct. 20th
  • Blood Drive Outreach—Oct. 24th
  • Trunk & Treat Outreach—Oct. 31st

     In addition to all of this, we are also going to begin to examine our first new book of the Bible in three years.  As our church continues to grow and we see more and more new families becoming part of our Community of Christ, it is important for us to consider exactly what the Bible teaches us about the church and how it is supposed to function.  This is why I am pleased to announce that after much prayer, I believe that God wants us to carefully review Paul’s first letter to his protégé:  1 Timothy.

     Paul wrote to Timothy, a young pastor of a church in need of Instruction, Encouragement and Warning.  Although he wrote almost 2000 years ago, the topics that he addressed are still concerns today for the 21st century church in America.  For example, over the next several months, we will learn of the Importance of Prayer & Perseverance in the Church, God’s Qualifications for Church Leaders & Servants, the Roles of Women & Pastors, the Proper Handling of Money & False Teachers, and the Church’s Responsibilities to Widows, Pastors, Slaves, & the Lost.

     We will be kicking off our review with a four-part series that lays the ground work for the rest of Paul’s Letter:  “The Who, Why, What, & How of 1 Timothy.”  So, please invite your family, neighbors,  and friends to join us, as we begin this exciting and informative look at God’s Instructions for Christ’s Church.
Pastor Mark Elkins