March Pastor’s Notes

Although it may not feel like it yet, winter is finally beginning to wind down.  The days are getting longer, the daffodils are beginning to poke out of the soil, and it’s almost time for the dreaded “Daylight Saving Time”.  But there is one more sign that winter is almost over that every baseball fan waits for each year:  Spring Training!

     In Arizona and Florida, hundreds of veterans and wide-eyed rookies are taking to the field to prepare themselves for a new season of hoping that this is the big one.  Spring Training is a time of physical conditioning, position drills, and practice games, in order to make them better players and stronger teammates.

     In the same way, March opens up Grace Baptist’s Spring Training.  We have a lot planned for this year:  A record setting Easter Celebration, a fun-filled AWANA Grand Prix, Evangelistic Festival Outreaches, and another exciting and fruitful Vacation Bible School!  And all of that begins with our Spring Training.

     On Saturday the 16th, we will be having another Grace Family Foundations Class, for anyone with questions about who we are and what we believe.  On Sunday the 24th, directly following our Service, we are going to have a special Leadership Training to continue to improve our already wonderful Children’s Ministry.  And starting Sunday the 3rd, we are going to begin a new Sermon Series from 1 Timothy chapter 4 entitled “Spring Training:  12 Essential Spiritual Disciplines”.

     It is my prayer that God will use our month of Spring Training to build on our recent focus on the essence of True Worship to prepare us for another exciting and God-honoring year.  So, please join us all this month, as both our veterans and our wide-eyed rookies of the faith prepare ourselves for another season of hope!