January 2019 Pastor’s Notes

     Have you ever wondered what exactly is worship?  As Christians, we talk a lot about it and we use the term all the time.  We often say that we are having a “worship service.”  When we sing hymns we call it a “time of worship,” and we call the people who lead our music “worship leaders,” but is that really what worship is all about?  It is true that singing songs to God to praise Him is a form of worship; but, in reality, that is only a small part of how the Bible defines this very important part of a Believer’s life.

     I believe that every true Christian is a human instrument  that God has chosen and equipped to be in His spiritual orchestra.  He gives each of us a specific part to play and when we play it from God’s “Holy Sheet Music,” the Bible, He is able to use us to create a Divine Symphony of Worship.  This is why we are going to take a little break from our usual verse by verse study of God’s Word and begin a new sermon series entitled, Worship:  God’s Divine Symphony

     I feel led that for us to fully experience the blessing of God’s plans for us in this coming year, we have to understand exactly how He defines True Worship and what it should look like in our fellowship and in our daily lives.  Therefore, over the first four Sundays of 2019, we will be exploring how God answers these important questions in His Holy Word:

  1. What is True Worship?
  2. What is Sunday Worship?
  3. What is Everyday Worship?
  4. What is Evangelistic Worship?

So, please join us every Sunday in January and invite your family and friends, to learn how we can all become virtuosos in God’s Divine Symphony of Worship.