GBC Deacons 2018

We are thankful at Grace Baptist Church to have a team of Servant-Leaders who help serve and administrate the ministries and families in our church.

(Scroll below to find Deacon contact information)

Pastor, Mark Elkins

276-694-2268 (home)

276-229-0852 (cell)

Deacon, Chuck Buchanan

952-2636 (home)

692-6062 (cell)

Deacon, David Byrd

Home: 276-694-4358

Cell: 276-692-8560

Work: 276-694-4825                                                                                                 


Deacon, Greg Carlson

694-7411 (home)
692-5670 (cell)

Deacon, Dick East

Home: 276-694-4150

Cell: 276-692-5833


Deacon, Pat Groves

276-930-1253 (home)
919-815-6640 (cell)

Deacon, Dale Hollandsworth

276-930-4282 (home)
276-638-2934 (work)