“What’s an AWANA?” Well, AWANA is an acronym that stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.” This comes from the passage 2 Timothy 2:15 in the Scriptures. AWANA is also a fun and interactive ministry just for kids from the age of 3, up to the students in the 8th Grade, and there are specific clubs for each age group. 

AWANA At Home Edition packets have been distributed, but it’s not too late to sign up. Each packet contains the child’s handbook along with instructions for keeping a record of your child’s progress in AWANA. We are hoping that parents are willing to commit to approximately 45 minutes a week of AWANA time with their children. The importance of learning about God’s kingdom and hiding God’s word in our hearts is SO essential in our world today. Children will continue to earn AWANA $ and TREK $. Packets also contain an updated AWANA catalog. We are also tentatively planning once a month covid-friendly in person games and activities in which we celebrate the progress of our AWANA clubbers. Please pray for our AWANA ministry as we navigate these unusual times. Please contact Carol Byrd at carolcbyrd@gmail.com if you are interested in your child participating in this AWANA ministry.
Happy New Year, GBC AWANA Families! I hope everyone has had time to look at your child’s AWANA lessons and work through them. I am very aware that this is a tough assignment when children are not able to meet and play as we normally do. So be proud of any progress that you have made even if it is minor. I would like to offer the same incentives to stay on course as we did last year, so pencil in the following Wednesdays as significant dates for AWANA: January 27($10), March 10($20), April 28($30), and June 9($40). We would like for parents to turn in their child’s records on these dates. Those that are ¼, ½, ¾ and finished with their books on the respective dates will earn additional AWANA dollars as shown. We will also present AWANA awards on these dates. Time will determine if these are face to face meetings with games and crafts or not. Please join me in praying that we will be able to meet on Wednesdays on a regular basis as soon as possible. I have set a lofty goal of having a ZOOM meeting with each of the AWANA groups, beginning with the oldest group (TREK) and working my way down. I would like for parents and leaders to attend along with youth in our older groups. Hopefully, we can answer any questions and have everyone feeling confident as AWANA parent instructors and clubbers. I would also like for families to e-mail me a group picture of your children that are participating in  the AWANA home edition so that I can put them up on the AWANA bulletin board in the hallway. My e-mail address is carolcbyrd@gmail.com. I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas as we look forward to a bright and promising New Year in 2021! 
May God bless all our families and children! 
Carol C. Byrd 
AWANA Ministry Director
The Puggles club starts kids off with lessons to introduce them to the Bible. At Cubbies, we teach Pre-Schoolers about the Bible right to their level using fun and games. At Sparks, kids from grades K-2nd are introduced to memorizing Scripture and enjoying entertaining games together. We also have our T&T Club. T&T stands for “Truth and Training” and this club hosts students from grades 3rd-6th. It’s a very special club where the kids move forward more and more with memorizing and learning scripture in addition to hanging out and competing in exciting games at recreation time. And last but not least is our newest club…TREK which is geared toward older students in the 7th and 8th grades.