“What’s an AWANA?” Well, AWANA is an acronym that stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.” This comes from the passage 2 Timothy 2:15 in the Scriptures. AWANA is also a fun and interactive ministry just for kids from the age of 3, up to the students in the 8th Grade, and there are specific clubs for each age group. We meet every Wednesday at Grace Baptist Church at 6pm until 7:45pm. 

During this season of social distancing, we will not be having AWANA on Wed Nights. Some groups have set up plans that are in place to allow your child to say their verses, and/or enjoy lessons from home. If you have any questions, please contact AWANA Director, Carol Byrd, at (276) 229-6025, or contact your child’s AWANA leader.

Trek: Leaders will be sending weekly memory verses and lesson to each trekker. Each trekker will then record the memorized verse(s), and text it in for credit. Please, encourage your Trek student to text back their verse(s) by Wed of each week.

T&T Girls: Girls, please continue to work through your books from home as best as you can. T&T Girls leader, Peyton Elkins, has created a T&T Facebook group for boys and girls to watch videos from their AWANA leaders, and post their Bible Verses. You can also send your video to Ms. Peyton or chat with her at (276) 229-1787.

T&T Boys: Each T& T boy has been assigned a listener to work with on your books and has their listener’s contact information. Please continue through your books, and text a video reciting your verses to your listener. Peyton Elkins, has created a T&T Facebook group for boys and girls to watch videos from their AWANA leaders. Carol Byrd will be in contact with listeners for updates. If you have questions, please contact Carol at (276) 229-6025.

Sparks: The leader of the Sparks age group, Nandrea Groves, has created a Private Facebook Group for Sparks. If you are not already connected in the Group, please send Nandrea your contact information atnandrea75@aol.com or send her a friend request.

Cubbies: Cubbie Leader, Casey Elkins, has created a Facebook Group with weekly videos of the lessons and verses. Please send Casey a video of your child reciting the weekly verse through Facebook, Messenger, or by calling/FaceTiming her at (276) 229-2486.

Puggles: Puggles leaders have created a Facebook group to be an at home resource for parents. If you have any questions, please contact Ashlee Logan, at howmomoils@gmail.com or (276) 728-6671.

I truly miss the weekly interaction with all of our AWANA clubbers! I look forward to the day that everything is back to normal, and we can meet face to face again, and I’m proud of the progress that everyone has made so far. Let’s keep it up even through these unusual times! Remember that this is a 2-way street, as children are learning verses to hide in their heart throughout their lives, they also serve as encouragement to the listeners who hear their verses! We have a wonderful group of adults and children in AWANA. I am keeping everyone in my prayers! Stay safe!!
Carol Byrd, AWANA Ministry Director

At Cubbies, we teach Pre-Schoolers about the Bible right to their level using fun and games. At Sparks, kids from grades K-2nd are introduced to memorizing Scripture and enjoying entertaining games together. We also have our T&T Club. T&T stands for “Truth and Training” and this club hosts students from grades 3rd-6th. It’s a very special club where the kids move forward more and more with memorizing and learning scripture in addition to hanging out and competing in exciting games at recreation time. And last but not least is our newest club…TREK which is geared toward older students in the 7th and 8th grades.